BrewON in 5 steps

Step 1
Members of the Ontario Hop Growers Association grow hops, capturing the unique terroirs of Ontario, and creating a wonderful locally-grown product.

Step 2
Brewers purchase Ontario-grown hops from members of the Ontario Hop Growers Association.

Step 3
Brewers produce beer in which 50% or more of the hops (by weight) are grown by members of the OHGA.

Step 4
Brewers fill in a BrewON application and send a copy to BrewON administrators will review the application confirm information with the OHGA member grower(s).

Step 5
Once confirmed, promotion will begin. BrewON will send brewers art files for the BrewON logo, which can be used on cans, labels, beer caps or menus.

Each participating brewery will receive a BrewON sign to display at their location.

We will also promote qualifying BrewON beers and ciders on our website and in our promotional campaigns.