Participating Brewers

From independently owned to family owned, Ontario’s craft breweries all share a commitment to producing excellent craft beer. Ontario’s passionate brewers pride themselves on being part of their community, and with BrewON, that includes a trusted partnership with their local Ontario hop grower.

Beer made with Ontario hops showcases the taste profiles that come from our locally grown hop varietals.

Rather than simply targeting consumer trends, craft beers made with Ontario hops are unique, authentic and truly local.

Put simply, our BrewON Craft Brewers are coaxing the best from Ontario hops and translating it into distinctive, flavourful styles available nowhere else in the world! As a result, when consumers see the BrewON logo, they see a guarantee of authentic locally-sourced hops and a brewery of integrity.

BackRoads Brews + Shoes

Bad Apple Brewing Company

Bench Brewing Company

Black Gold Brewery

Broken Stick Brewing Company

Caps Off Brewing Co.

Flight Risk Brewing

GoodLot Farm and Farmstead Brewing Co. 

Hespeler Brewing Co. 

Humble Beginnings Brewing

Karbon Brewing Co. 

Kick and Push Brewing Co.

London Brewing

MacKinnon Brothers Brewing

Niagara College Teaching Brewery

Point Brewing Company

Quayle’s Brewery

The Second Wedge Brewing Co. 

Shakespeare Brewing Co.

Three Sheets Brewing

Turkey Shoot Brewing Co.

Upper Thames Brewing Co.,


To partner with an OHGA hop grower and be part of the BrewON campaign, contact any of the fine hop growers listed on the OHGA member directory or contact

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