Meet the Growers

Behind every BrewON beer are the local hop growers of the Ontario Hop Growers Association. Hops, once a thriving crop in Ontario, are making a comeback thanks to to the expertise and hands-on labour of our hard-working growers. Ontario hop growers provide an economic boost to Ontario as they continue to invest in expanding their hopyards and processing equipment in order to meet rising demand for quality Ontario hops. When you enjoy a BrewON craft beer, you can feel confident about the source and the freshness of the hops in your beer. Hops that haven’t travelled thousands of kilometres to get here. Hops grown by real people with real families. Find out more about some of the growers supplying the BrewON brewers. Craft beer starts here.

Tavistock Hop Company

To partner with an OHGA hop grower and be part of the BrewON campaign, contact any of the fine hop growers listed on the OHGA member directory or contact

Did you know?

In 2017, there were approximately 154,000 hop plants in cultivation in Ontario, on 179 acres

In 2018, there may be approximately 287 acres of hops in Ontario

Did you know?

When grown in Ontario terroir, many well-known hop varieties develop new and unique flavour profiles.

Did you know?

Hops are one of four ingredients in beer: hops, water, grain & yeast.

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